Thursday, May 14, 2009

Final thoughts

Well, there sure a lot of information in these exercises! I don't know how we can know what's out there to go looking for so tapas was really helpful for me. Andrea and Bob, thanks for making all of this available to us. The podcasting exercises were helpful - I'm glad to know there are directories. As for, I'm still not sure about depending so much on what others have to say about a subject. Once a cataloger, always a cataloger perhaps.


I found a couple of podcasts, Bookbabble and a CNN piece by Anderson Cooper on the wolves in Yellowstone. I must admit, the latter interested me much more than the former, but if I were reading or discussing a book, Bookbabble might be a place to go to hear what others thought of it.


Great place to find performances. I'm listening to and watching Jackson Browne's The Load Out/Stay now. It takes a lot of discipline not to do this all day, but alas, I must get back to work.

Web 2.0 award winner

Of course, I looked at a food site, Urbanspoon. I looked at resaturants in Princeton and found my favorite - Conte's. Great pizza!
Like movie reviews, it's hard to know who/what to believe since I disagree with several of the posts I read. For Princeton Public Library, this might be useful for directing visitors who inquire about eating in Princeton. Otherwise, I might look at it if I were going to be visiting a new city.
Just looked at Zoho. Can't wait for my Google Docs class next week. And why would I pay for MS Office for my new laptop when I can do word processing for free?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Death Valley photo

There are some great photos out there and how nice it is to have some work time to look at them!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Such a cynic - why not create a folder in your email for all info on a specific topic? I'm notified by email that a change has been made to the wiki and I go to the wiki, but what's the benefit of having to go to a wiki rather than just opening an email?